Thursday, November 20, 2014

Smells of Spring

Very aromatic and tall over 1 foot. I love the smell. The flowers are so pretty. I have one more pack of ziva and 6 bulbs of another type to force. I''ll start some soon for December and the others for January. I've never forced tulips inside but I may try this year. I really don't want to force anything in soil since fungus gnats haven't been a problem this fall. I think forcing the paper whites in water helped. If they are in  the house plants I've noticed very few. Hope it stays that way.

I removed the few geraniums that germinated from the tray and heat. Can you see the one in the middle. That's a defective seed it had no head. I'm not sure how these will do they look strange to me. I also put the ones that have not germinated in dark. They weren't coming up and I read where dark may aid germination. More seeds did germinate. Lets see how they do by this weekend. I think I need to order more seeds. I don't know how these will do. If I do it won't be from Swallow Tail Seeds. These are mavrick different from they type I grew last year and from a different company. 

Some of the dragon wing begonias have germinated. Tiny like last year. I planted 25 seeds but not many have germinated yet. I hope most do so I have a nice flat of plants come spring. I'll show them on the weekend.

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