Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Seedlings

Looks like the white patch may be mold or something. I'm going to put a little peroxide there.

Begonias still on heat mat with dome.
Vinca. One died as you can see. The others in the carton didn't germinate. When I repot these tonight I'll sow another carton.

Pelargoniums (geraniums)
To repot these tonight.
Don't think they liked the osmocote I added or something else is bothering them since repotting. Some of the leaves are turned down and one turned yellow. It's not over watering and the soil was sterilized in the oven. The seed leaves are dying, that's good. Hope they all make it.

African daisies. I planted more in the same medium where other seeds didn't germinate and they came up real quick and have almost caught up with the other seedlings. I'm going to repot these tonight also.

Digitalis looking a little less fragile. 

Can't wait to see if euphorbia does like it did for me this summer and the licorice plant. I also tried black dragon coleus. Haven't had them before. The price drew me, one dollar a pack for the coleus. I'll show you how the nursery euphorbia and licorice plant performed for me this summer. I'm worried about the euphorbia. Didn't know it's a cool season annual and likes to be grown with soil temps of 50 degrees according to instructions on the package. This could be a problem. I think this is the first season they are available in seeds.

Licorice plant (helichrysum)
Cups to transplant the seedlings.
This is how the calibrachoa pelleted seeds looked like when I opened them. Don't order any from Burpee. They're not packaged correctly. Most pelleted seeds come in a plastic vial to protect them from what you see. I asked for my money back. Customer service told me they are investigating. What's to investigate? There should be 10 round pelleted balls.

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