Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Seedlings

My seedlings aren't progressing  as I'd like especially the first 8 geraniums I transplanted. They're slowly loosing leaves and yellowing. I can't say it's due to over watering or gnats. There was no problem until I repotted them so I think it was the seed starting mix  that transmitted some type of virus or disease. If I loose them I'll be sad. It took work to get them to this stage. I do have more seeds that can be started. Another set of geraniums are doing fine. It's probably may also be the osmocote. I mixed this in the mix before potting them up. When I transplanted the second set I didn't add osmocote. 

It's time to start other seeds. Don't know where to start. Washing old seed starting trays in soapy water and bleach should be a start. Maybe tomorrow. Seedlings dying or not doing well upsets me but I try to remind myself that some seedlings will die and sometimes what happens is out of my control. Provide water, fertilizer, light and hope for the best. So what else will I be starting. Possibly a variety of coleus, more geraniums, impatiens, calibrachoa, petunias, licorice plant, euphorbia, black eyed Susan vine, more vinca, sunflowers, zinnia, balloon flower, maybe dicondra emerald falls, and some others. Some will be started later such as zinnia and sunflowers. Too early to start them. I also need to read how to start my ornamental sweet potato vine tubers. Canna and caladium will be started on the porch when the weather gets warmer to give them a start before planting outside. I also want to sow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and broccoli.

Blooming in the house.The blooms are very aromatic. Not too loud.

I was talking to my aunt on the phone while tending to my seedlings and I knocked the African daisy seedlings on the floor. They may be dead by morning. Can't worry about that. If they're alive tomorrow I'll pot them up.
Dragon wing begonias progressing. Many still small. I guess the healthiest seeds do the best.


Coleus and vinca.

It's a pretty coleus.
Geraniums and African daisies.

African daisy

More cuttings rooting and blooming. I have to pinch that bloom off.
These aren't doing well.

Some foxgloves still surviving. They're delicate. I have them in a zip lock bag to maintain moisture. If they dry out, it could be fatal. I hope they eventually get large enough to handle and transplant.

These are peach and yellow go go begonias. It's taken this long for them to start germinating. Only a few in each tray have germinated. I don't know what to do with them. I need the space for other seedlings. I'll have patience with them but they were started the same time as the dragon wing begonias. It took over a month for a few to start germinating.

That's my clivia. I'm hoping it'll bloom this year.
Yes another orchid. They're so cheap in the store. Three for $10.00. I bought one.
Time for some more color and blooms. My amaryllis and some more paperwhites.

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