Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Weekend- Part l

Just getting around to posting about my weekend. Saturday was spent inside. We had a storm that brought snow to surrounding areas but we got rain Friday and all day Saturday. I mean all day. On raining days, I'm not motivated to do much. My nephew spent the weekend and he, my daughter, and I had fun playing board games. On Sunday we went to pick out a Christmas tree after my walk. I'll share that next. Still on the porch in water. It smells wonderful. 

My daughter picked out a beautiful tree. I hope to get it up this weekend with the help of my ex-husband. Yes we are still friends and parents. He's family. He can do all the physical work and my daughter can hold the tree straight while he gets it in the stand. I started decorating the planter. Not how I wanted it to look but it'll do. I really didn't want to decorate this year. Just not in the mood but I bought everything so I'll decorate.

Last years wreath. I need to get another holder  because that ribbon may not hold. Last year's holder is outside.
Our tree, Frasier fir.

Maybe I'll add a ribbon. Don't feel like all the fuss this year.
Can't kill that cabbage. It'll die soon. The smell will tell me when it's time to remove it.

That's my tree for my office. bought it last year for dollars at Target for my desk. It plugs into the computer and lights up.

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