Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transplanting Geraniums

Only enough to transplant the larger ones. I'll prepare more this week for the other seedlings. The vinca and African daisies also need to be transplanted. I actually gave up on the other begonias. Guess what? Today when I looked I have one tiny seedling. Who knows if it will grow. Can't wait to see if others will follow. If not, on to sowing other seeds.
I'm going to have to wash and sterilize the trays so I can sow other seedlings. Can't wait to start coleus.
Osmocote to be mixed into the seed starting mix.
Some of the geraniums had roots coming out the bottom of the pellets. They were overdue to be transplanted. I hope they take off now. They're doing so much better than last years geraniums. No fungus gnats.
Love those foil pans. I knew they were good for something other than cooking.
African daisies. I'm excited. They're really doing well.
It's nice and healthy. Time to come out of the small egg crate and get fertilized.
Put back under the lights. Forgot not to put under the light after transplanting. One seedling was wilting. I put the tray on the dining room table and will keep it there for a day or 2 while  the seedlings adjust.
Digitalis (foxglove). Look at the tiny seedling stuck to the plastic. I had to put plastic back on them. They seem to enjoy the extra humidity and moisture. I took the cover off tonight and put them closer to the light. They look like they need to be babied. It's been years since I grew them from seed. Well worth all the care.
Dragon wing begonias with their true leaves. Notice that they grow one true leaf at a time. I'm going to have a lot if they make it. This year I'll keep some for house plants and also some of my other annual seedlings especially the geraniums. I tend not to do as well taking cuttings to over winter. They start off good and then start to decline. I have to find out how to start my ornamental sweet potato vine tubers. Not too early though I would hate for them to die.

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