Sunday, December 21, 2014

Victory Or Not...

Parents are wise people. Had I taken my mom's advise years ago I wouldn't have to worry if I'll have spring flowers. Last week the squirrels decimated my bulbs. Dug, scattered, ate, and just bit into many and left them. This is really the first year I've had a bad problem with them. Got my chicken wire. Dangerous stuff, handle with good gloves because it's sharp. An extra piece would have been good. The 8 foot piece I bought wasn't enough. It was easier to cut than I'd thought it would be. So, all areas aren't covered but hopefully some bulbs will make it. It would be priceless  to be able to watch from the window and see what the squirrels do when  they come to my yard for the next meal.

An allium. I see squirrels don't like bulbs in the onion family. good to know.

The bulbs are really confused. Many are above  ground already. Our weather had been so variable.

That should not be up.

Plant vinca and you'll never have to plant it again.
Acanthus looks like it's grown some. It's adjusting to Philly.
Tell the mini roses it's winter now, or does winter start tomorrow?

I hope my rosemary looks better than this next summer. I'll add some fresh soil and see what happens.

I put the fig tree inside, a little late.

Ate a chunk of tulip and left.
Will use these and brick to hold down chicken wire.
Chicken Wire

Vinca is so pretty and simple.

Not pretty but necessary.

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