Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Visions of Spring &Vinca Stating to Germinate

Hope to not get ahead of myself. The vinca have started to germinate. When I lifted the egg carton cover yesterday they had started to germinate. I use a cover because they require darkness to germinate. Planted Sunday and germinating by Tuesday not bad seeds. They came from Park seed in 2014. Ordered for last gardening season and I didn't do good with them last winter but what a difference a season makes. I won't get excited yet.The hardest part is yet to come, keeping them alive and growing until spring. I may start another egg carton of red since I have more seeds in the pack I took them from. 

The African daisies have also started to germinate. No germination from the foxgloves or 2 trays of begonia. I read that they can take a month so that's almost up. I'll be mad if they don't germinate. At least I'll have the dragon wing begonias but I would love the others to germinate and reach adulthood because they are beautiful plants.

Do you ever try to help your seedlings? My geraniums were not germinating as quick as I wanted them too. When I watered them they were uncovered by the water. They had nicely swelled and were double their sized and a yellow color from the pearly white prior to planting. I dug a new hole and planted them again. The next day they were coming up. I try not to be too serious about seeds. I do get worried when it's no more time to start more because something failed. If a seedling is tall and I don't want it falling over and it's not damping off I plant it deeper to give the seedling more support. This year when I make the first transfer I'm going to use Dixie cups until the seedlings get larger then I'll transfer to 5 inch pots.

I'll probably remove the top tomorrow so they don't start to stretch. I want more seeds to germinate although I do have other methods such as individually covering each cell with something dark so the others don't suffer waiting for them.
Tray of vinca closed.
Waiting on the last 3 geranium seedlings to germinate. If I end up with 15 I'll be happy. I beheaded the seed leaf off one in the other tray not on the heat mat. The shell of the seed was still attached and I attempted to help remove it when off came the leaf. I was horrified. I love geraniums. No fear, I have 3 other packs but will only plant a few. Geraniums can get large before spring if they grow for me like they did 2 years ago. Last year I think fungus gnats were eating them and they never grew to adulthood except one that survived outside, but it didn't bloom before the frost. I don't think it was the seeds but the gnats. Think not forcing paper whites in peat helped.

After work today I watched a garden show called Garden Smart. They visited a beautiful garden. Gave me visions of spring and possibilities,.. so many possibilities Fall and winter are beautiful seasons but, when I think of all the flowers and blooms I'm elated. Have to remind myself of this now that garden catalogs are coming in and there are end of year clearances. Spring is coming but for now, I'll enjoy this season.

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