Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter Blooms

Didn't I say I was supposed to be cooking? Well, I cook some, sit some. I don't know what will get cooked tonight. I started with cabbage but still have yet to do potato salad, baked ham, a turkey, macaroni and cheese, and a seven up pound cake. I should have done the cake this afternoon while I was awake, alert, and energetic. Thank God I don't have any Christmas gifts to wrap.The turkey can wait until tomorrow along with the gravy and the macaroni and cheese. It would be nice to get the other things done tonight. Dinner tonight is seafood; is almost done. 

My latest plant purchase is a stephanotis floribunda. I went to the produce market yesterday for fresh flowers for the table and saw it there. Better known as Madagascar jasmine, wax flower, and bridal wreath. Fall and winter are just as wonderful as spring and summer but in different ways. The variety of blooming plants adorning garden centers, nurseries and produce market certainly woo me at this time of year as blooms outdoors have long since faded. I love to see blooms inside the house during the winter. I've wanted one of these plants since first seeing it several years ago around this time at the garden center. For a hefty price that I wasn't going to pay. No hefty prices at the produce market yesterday. It was $5.00. How to keep it alive? I've been reading about how to care for it on the internet. Of course the aroma along with the white flowers is what drew me. I also love scented flowers. Keeping a plant indefinitely is always  the plan when I purchase it but, things happen. It would be nice if this lived after blooming. If not it was only $5.00's. My saying regarding plants; we'll see.

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