Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Major Storm For Philly

Had everyone going to the supermarket to stock up. For what? If we got 2 inches of snow we did good. I'm really ecstatic. Who wants to be snow bound? Seven week till spring. We did get a snow day from school and work. At least I did. The perks of working for the school district. I only watched the local news this morning and had no idea until watching tonight's nationwide news, how bad Boston got hit. I pray for those whose homes have been damaged or lost along the coast. I've never had damage from snow or lost power for long but I know what having over 30 inches of snow outside is like.

My daughter did the shoveling.

I don't know how much snow we got but not much.
Finished shoveling.
I'll cut the grass in February to prepare it for spring. It provided great winter interest.
A shrub is missing up there. Maybe laying down.
I love plants that laugh at snow and below zero temps and still thrive. Ivy can get out of hand though.

Got to put down salt so you don't break your neck on ice but it sure will eat up your sidewalk as it has mine. I'll need to have it repaired in spring.

Still snowing.

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