Saturday, January 10, 2015

Raccoons You Think?

Always looking out that window to see what's going on in the yard. While we keep warm inside sipping tea or coffee, life goes on in the yard. Bulbs covered by snow growing roots and patiently waiting for spring. The evergreens so far unharmed by the winter weather. Days already getting longer since the winter equinox. So far 30 more minutes of day light. Have you noticed?

Look at the paw prints. What did the animal think would be on the steps? Doesn't look like any pot digging went on. The raccoons in my neighborhood are huge and not afraid of humans.

That's my type of plant the carex grass. Not phased by the snow, eleven degrees this morning and 25 outside now.
You think what ever it was could have been searching for food? It seems to have followed a path. The paw pads and size look to large for a cat.

Paper whites have bloomed. They're scenting up the whole living room.
Amaryllis is too small to be thinking of blooming. The bulb was larger it seems to have shrunk in water. It was deeper in the container but I pulled it us worried about the bulb rotting.

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