Saturday, January 17, 2015


Did you start your seeds? I've had some success and some failures. I hate for any of my seedlings to die. I've lost my dragon wing begonias. Maybe 1 or 2 will survive. Can't blame the seeds, about 21 of 25 germinated. Lack of care and daily attention. There may not be any for spring but there will be some in 2015 even if for indoors to look at in next winter. Ordered more seeds to start. Half of my geraniums have been acting up since they germinated and half died. Hopefully the others will continue to do well and make it to adulthood. I started another egg carton of 12 from a different seed company and they've stated to germinate. I still have others I may start. Tonight I did something I should have  done in the beginning, put the fan on the seedlings. I've had trouble with white fungus growing on the top or mold. The lights I bought were warmer than the ones previously. I think I may change them out for all cool lights because the seedlings don't seem to like the extra warmth. No fungus gnats. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Working on a list to see when I should start my vegetable seeds based on the last winter frost. I planted more vinca since all didn't make it this far but I have 4 healthy ones. Most have germinated. Euphorbia has germinated as well as licorice plant. They took a while. So far only a few licorice seeds have germinated though. Hopefully more will. I planted 10 fancy pants petunia seeds. They're acting delicate or it may just be that some seeds may be healthier and thrive more were some don't from the beginning. I have some others to start, should have ordered more of them when they were still in stock. I told you about the calibrachoa I ordered from Burpee. Supposed to be pelleted when they came but weren't. They allegedly refunded my card, I have yet to check and see. Didn't respond to 2 e-mails or via phone with a response. Not good business. Working with dust like seeds can be a nightmare at least to me and I try to avoid it. It was disappointing that they weren't shipped in a plastic tub like other pelleted seeds.

Licorice Plant

Coleus still germinating.
Coleus again.


Vinca germinated. Black plastic removed. They need darkness to germinate.
Petunia are normally easy to grow but these are being picky. I'm going to start others.
New  geraniums starting to sprout.

Two of the problem geraniums holding on. A small cup of foxgloves. They were picky the last time I grew them. They grow slow for me but if the get up to some size I'll put them in the yard in the spring and leave them along until big enough to plant in the ground. One adult seedling will be a success for me.

Vinca doing nicely. No need to pinch for them to be full. Vinca is the perfect seedling to me. I said that about the begonia but each year and time starting seeds can be different. Some things you can't control.
I think I need to remove some of the seedlings to the 5" green pots because I can see all the roots filling out the cups already and they do tend to get big before spring.
Some African daisies are hanging on. Some died when I dropped them on the floor and didn't put them back in the soil soon enough. I'll start a small carton again. They germinate real fast.

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