Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snowflakes, Flowers, and Valentines Day

Begonias, orchids, calla lilies, sunflowers, ti plants, daffodils, the aroma of roses in as many colors as the rainbow, flower heaven! Sold out isles that were previously stocked with candy. Be my valentine and I'll show you the plants that told me to take them home. I'm sending you flowers, enjoy. Couldn't bring them all home. Wish I could send you some snow, light, fluffy, picturesque. Just a coating, enough to enjoy.

I thought I would be planting the last of the bulbs soon.

Snapdragons and lisianthus. The snapdragons are the longest I've ever seen almost 3 feet.

Just beautiful!

Amaryllis done blooming. I'm going to put some more bulbs in there.

I saved the snapdragon stems. Do you think they'll root? You know you love plants when every stem is a possibility.

Calla Lilies

Rieger Begonia

Who doesn't love pale pink zinnia? Can grow them in the ground in my yard, too much shade but I can put them in a container on my steps which gets tons of sun. Going to try more petunias since I didn't have to order seeds and they were only $1.88. They're plan not the wave or other specialty ones but they'll do.

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