Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Peek In The Yard

A blue sky like this after 6:30 pm.

Only one little area of snow left.

Bulbs starting to break ground. I hope I can remove the chicken wire and not harm the bulbs. I'm going to try to paint the original rusted fence black and put the ends back together. I still haven't decided what brick I want around the landscape boarder. I took the other bricks up, never liked them. I also have a different trellis this year. One that won't rot.
 The arborvitae has taken a beating this winter.

In the kitchen window.
Last years oxalis. It died down last year and went dormant. I recently stated watering it and it actually wasn't dead. I was surprised that they are bulbs. They're elongated due to being in my living room where they didn't get enough sun.
Off to my work desk tomorrow.
I'm glad it made it till morning. I thought our temperatures over night would freeze and kill it.

Have to get these planted. Glad to have some light colored ones.
My primroses have been doing well. I also have a purple one. Accidentally let the yellow one dry out. I'm going to plant it outside to see if it comes back next spring. Mom's palm plant made it through winter.
Yes more pansy pictures today.

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