Sunday, March 29, 2015

It looks Like Spring, Feels Like Winter

The earth shows the arrival of spring. In the yard the few crocuses that survived the rampage of squirrels have emerged. The heuchera, ornamental grass, and lambs ear out front still appear dormant surrounded by emerging spring bulbs. The front flower bed has also take a beating by furry visitors. Arborvitaes in the sidewalk planters didn't take as bad a beating this winter. One in the yard appears to have been burned by winters and springs whipping winds. I think it'll survive. 

This weekend was busy with my daughter's birthday and unexpected family illness. Many commitments and 26 degree temperatures limited my spring planting to only the outside planter on the step. The top of the soil is frozen but workable underneath. Although we haven't had any more snow, the temperatures have been frigid at night and cool during the day. The soil is frozen in the sidewalk planters. Maybe I'll be able to plant the rest of the pansies next week on a warm day.

On to this years drama with the window boxes. I can't seem to keep that shrub standing up right. If things stop digging, that would help. I planted a lot of bulbs that are now gone. If I get one, it'll be a surprise.
I waited patiently until today and the top of the soil is frozen. I removed it. The ivy has show no new growth yet. It's hard to kill ivy as you can see to the left. Hope it survived.

Gave it a hair cut. I hope it's as pretty as last year.
I'll wait a while to clean last years remnants and give the shrubs a fresh hair cut.
The varmints actually didn't eat everything.

I put bulbs in these but I don't think I'll get anything. Every day the remains were on top of the soil from what the squirrels had been eating. I put cayenne pepper on top. Haven't seen a bulb on top of the soil since. Let them eat that. I know they have to eat but they're supposed to collect nuts to eat during the winter.
Thyme. Seems to like the cold. One dollar off the discounted and dying plant rack. I bought these herbs. My seedlings did so poorly this season that I really am afraid to start anything else. If they die for one dollar a piece I won't feel bad, but I think they'll make it.
I don't know if the basil will make it.

One of my favorites, dill.
Primrose. Thought they like cold but they've been fussy being on my porch. I was going to put them in the planter but they may die outside although they are cool season perennials here.

I lugged this into my shopping cart, car, then onto the porch. Garden woman with strength. I don't know how I got it in the car and home by myself but I did. I would have payed a huge price for this at a nursery. Love Ross.

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