Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Came In Like A lion

There are some benefits working for a school. When the district is closed due to inclement weather I'm off. Twelve days till spring as Philly is a winter wonderland from this past weeks snow storm. I also went back for a second day of the flower show. Today is the last day till next year. I'll show you what I bought in the next post. Still trying to restore the past history on my blog. It would be time consuming to restore thousands of pictures one by one but it may be that or starting another blog. In the couple of years I've been blogging I've come to enjoy my own blog and looking back at the garden. So if no one else views it , it's for me and family and one day I may not be here and it will be memories for my daughter.  She also enjoys looking at it. I'll have to learn to store my blog on other hard drive so it won't ever be lost do to my error or something else happening. I'm excited about the new gardening season. 

My seedlings as  I told you before did not do well at all. It's still time to start some things like petunias. Almost time for zinnia, black eye Susan vine, sunflower, and other seeds. My broccoli seedlings didn't survive. I could plant more but I think I'll wait till they are out in garden centers which should be soon as they are cool season vegetables. I haven't started tomatoes, cucumber, or peppers since I've been having such a hard time with the seeds I sowed. The broccoli seeds I had were several years old and I wonder if this had something to do with it. I still have a good number of geraniums but I just lost one. I was sad to loose such a large one. The licorice plant seedlings died, as well as the 4 good sized vinca, and dahlias. I still have 3 euphorbia but they are just hanging on. I have new dragon wing begonia seedlings, and some coleus from a second sowing. Only 3 coleus seedlings survived for a first sowing. It wasn't a good year but I didn't give the attention needed and I think some unseen virus wiped out the seedlings as I had cutting from Georgia also growing on the seed station some which I think had spider mites. I had to throw out one nice plant because it was going to infect everything in the house. Some salvia are surviving. It would be nice if they survive as this is my first time planting them.

It's almost time to start my canna, and caladium that are in my basement. My ornamental sweet potato vine tubers survived and are nice and firm. One died that I kept outside on my porch but I may get a good number from the potatoes I have. I've never started them before. Wish me success. I hope your seedlings have done well.

I shoveled out the car and the snow plow came and pushed the snow back so I couldn't get out. So I shoveled it out again so it's ready for work.

Shoveled, salted, and snow is still piling back on the sidewalk. It's time to trim off the old grass when the snow melts. It'll soon start to bud back out. My daughter had to shovel the sidewalk later in the evening as the snow continued to fall into the evening.

My plan was to read some magazines and a book on my kindle. What gardening magazines are you reading. Probably seed magazines. I like to look at them to although I don't need to order more seeds.
On the streeet
In the Yard

The snow on the bench got higher and higher. I'm concerned about my arborvitaes. The snow weighed them down and one was bent over and looks damaged. That would be ashamed as this was their first winter. I thought of going into the yard to shake off the snow but didn't want to risk falling down the snow covered steps in the yard.

From the kitchen window.

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