Saturday, March 14, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show II

Little shop of Horrors

Lets do a little shopping.

I never knew there were so many butterflies. They were beautiful and expensive. I'm sure it take a lot of work to collect and preserve them.
Nice idea but do you see the price?

The Color Purple. Look at those shoes made out of flowers.

One of my favorite exhibits. If I had property in the country I would have chickens.
It doesn't even look real but they were there.

He came to see me. He knew I wanted a closer look.
The butterfly exhibit. that's my sister. I would have freaked out. Love to see butterflies in the garden but flying around in a room with me. I acted a fool. Didn't want them on me. The cotton swab has sugar that attracts them.
She was nice to let me take her picture. Isn't the butterfly beautiful!
He dark shades on the outside and blue inside when he opens his wings.

I don't think I've seen the movie All About Eve.
This was beautiful to see in person.
Ratatouille the Movie. This was one of my favorite. I think it's all the color.

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