Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time to Garden-On the Porch

Today's warmth and beautiful blue sky were hard to pass up and it go me onto the porch. Sprouting bare root plants should have encouraged me before now. After buying them, their dying is not an option. Hopefully it won't rain this weekend. I would love to plant my pansies and get out in the yard. There's a lot to do out there. I'm excited. Hope you're enjoying the start of the season.

This weekend I'll burn the last of the wood till next fall. I hope the salt can now be put away till next winter. Can't imagine another snow storm but it's not impossible. We've had snow in April before.
The sky is a beautiful blue but today I didn't take pictures of it. Thought I could capture it through the window but couldn't.
Forty discounted red tulip bulbs left from fall. Still solid and healthy. Didn't get to plant them outside and anyway they may have been more food for the squirrels. I'll enjoy them on the porch.
I'll plant them in this container.
Just have to top off with soil.
Red stargazer lilies. Pink ones are already planted.
Black eye Susan. I have to buy more soil to plant this and the other plants. I used it all today.
Those are the peony. I really wish I could have planted them in the ground first not a pot.
Walmart rose bushes. You'll see how they do. I know nothing about rose bushes.
They're starting to bud out. Time to be planted. Hopefully this weekend. 

They're 4 rubber banned.
Separated and not planted too deep.
Mom's fig tree. I hope it buds back out this year. Afraid that it would die again, I kept it on the porch this winter.
That's it for the porch today. Just have to label the pots and water them.

I have to plant these.
Shame to say I got these from Brent and Becky's last season. They're still firm! Lets see what happens.
They're not dried out.
I planted the peony, agapanthus, wake fern (trillium),  and tulips.
Under the table and in the bag, still to plant. They are still caladium, elephant ears, and sweet potato vine from last year in the basement dormant. Another day.

Coleus and impatiens repotted . I looked later and they look dead. Didn't take transplanting well.
Pink stargazer lilies.
The rose and tulip are back home. Heat in the office almost did them in after 1 day.
They're doing well except one. I sat it on the porch,
The arrangement is still doing well since last Saturday.

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