Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winter's Last Efforts, Didn't Stop Spring's Arrival

Friday was a winter wonderland. Absolutely beautiful.  Nothing could stop spring from coming, even a snow storm. The heavy snow flakes were beautiful. At least 5 inches of snow in my neighborhood followed by massive melting the next day. The snow was heavy and wet. Not paying attention while walking outside on Saturday could end in being injured in what I call snow bombs of heavy snow falling from tree limbs onto heads, cars, and sidewalks.

Temperatures in the 50's really helped to melt it quick and I'm glad, because I planned to be in the yard today. I think they underestimated the amount of snow forecasted for Philly. Predicted 1-3" in the city and we got much more. The snow was to be followed by rain but I don't think it even rained. Looked like all snow to me from early morning through out the day. Hopefully it's the last time I have to shovel till next winter.

 I lost my digital camera. Hope to find it because I was used to that particular brand. When I went shopping for another one I couldn't find the same one. The camera that took these photos is different and I'll have to learn what it does. I hope my other camera is in the house somewhere although I've been looking for it without success.

The after math of the storm also didn't keep me out of the garden center today. Pansy heaven for pansy and viola lovers. For those longing for tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus, and almost any spring plant or bulb, they were plentiful. Last weekend I planted some bare root lilies before they died. They were really growing. The trillium I bought are also growing tops as well as the agapanthus. I'll try to plant those tomorrow and keep them on the porch. I was worried that the bare root plants would die on my unheated porch but I remembered that they are perennials and used to surviving and starting to grow at this time of year. So, I'll be planting any that have already started to grow tops. I'm waiting for a order of canna, elephant ears, and begonia. Can't wait to get out into the yard. My shrubs suffered with all the heavy snow weighing them down. Spring has a way of refreshing everything. They should be okay. 

What spring bulbs squirrels didn't eat in the yard are above ground. Crocuses were first with their yellow heads. When the snow melts in the yard I'll go out and take a survey of the yard. What I could see before our last storm was cat poop. I have to do something about them. I found last year that they don't like citrus so I've been trying to save some of the peals from oranges to put in the beds. The squirrels may find this interesting.

My favorite color although all the colors of pansies are beautiful to me.

Aren't they beautiful!

This rose will go on my desk at work and the tulip below until replaced by other spring flowers. It'll give me something beautiful to look at while at work.

Gerbera daisies. They'll stay in my window until they can go on the porch and then outside. The blooms are beautiful although I'm sure they won't bloom again in. We'll see. They were really cheap. I sure hope they live so I don't have to worry about buying any when other annual arrive in the nursery.

Got to have fresh flowers, That's a lot of flowers for $8.00's.
I think this is a variety of sea holly.

Stargazer Lilies

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