Monday, April 6, 2015

Enjoying Spring Bulbs

Missing a day looking in the yard can result in not seeing bulbs blooming at their peak. After work I took a nap and didn't plan on any gardening. It was beautiful today with temperatures in the low 70's for the first day. A perfect evening to get a little done. Lots of perennials await planting out. Nights are now in the 40's and 50's and it'll be okay to plant them. I have to find space for peony, fern, trillium, lilies, black eye Susan's, and some other bulbs. An elephant ear bulb, canna, caladiums, and sweet potato vine are still in my basement. Last year they were planted on the porch by this time. I keep forgetting them. I really need to start the sweet potato vine now so I won't have to buy any this year. There's still time because it hates any cold, and usually doesn't do well in this zone outside till late May. 

It's amazing how weather changes on a daily basis. Rain is predicted tomorrow so I got up the energy to go outside. First a look in the yard. I was just in the yard on Saturday and today the narcissus have bloomed. Several patches planted in the fall have not developing blooms. Wonder what that's about? With each day of rain even light showers, growth of bulbs and perennials is visible. I await going into the yard one day soon and most of the bulbs are in bloom. Alliums come later, and that gives me something beautiful to see after other bulbs are done. I await their appearance as they're my favorites. When I order fall bulbs they're priority as they sell out quick.

Today I actually planted one rose bush. It's in the corner in the front flower bed. The rose could have been planted further out but I want to control how it grows  and encourage if to grow close to the wall. I'll keep it pruned. My mother asked me to plant a rose out front for years. Mom, this year it's planted. When I see it's red roses, I'll think of you. I look forward to it producing it's first roses. My mother always put banana peels around her roses to fertilize them and roses seem to love them. Cutting my own roses to put on the table would be nice. 

When you garden it's nice to meet neighbors who always comment. This gives me time to let them know how much I also enjoy looking at their gardens. Plants add so much appeal to homes. I don't know why more people don't choose this to add beauty to their homes, not to mention growing edibles for the table. I don't do any grand edible growing but I do enjoy my small harvest every year. Wishing you a beautiful gardening season. Enjoy the flowers, smell the blooms and the visits to your garden from pollinators. Today I was chased by my first honey bee from my container planted on the step today. He was enjoying the hyacinths too.

I wish I could have them year round.
Hyacinth. The smell is wonderful.
Lilies. They're starting to grow nicely. More are in the pot yet to emerge.
Second pot of lilies. They need to be planted in the yard. I'm afraid to plant them for fear of squirrels since they're bulbs.
The color is beautiful.

I really like these small narcissus.
Had to stake the hyacinth. Smells so good. White have become my favorite.
One of 2 roses that need planted. The other one goes in the yard. Red one out front and orange one out back.
Rose planted. The soil is so healthy in this little bed and I was able to dig a hole easily. Wish is could be like this in the yard.
Giving the lambs year time before I clean it up. Hope it's as beautiful this year as last.
Papaver. I had 2 so far only one has come up.
Can't wait to see the tulips. I think the ones that look like grass are allium. I'll have to wait to see.
Narcissus. They're late coming up. Usually the come up before tulips. Maybe they're late ones.
Narcissus in the yard.
I'm glad to see the mums I planted in the fall returned. Hope they get large. I see tulips but I don't know what the other bulbs are. Can't wait to see.
Sedum gets a little bigger every time I see it.
I don't know what these are yet. I did plant some cream irises.
Think these are allium.
More sedum.

I'm going to put down much when I finish planting. Haven't see my 3 heuchera. Can't believe they didn't return. Last year was a bad year for them being eaten by slugs. I like them so if they don't return will order some small 4 inch pots of them. Nothing larger would fit due to roots.
Glad to see the day lilies back. Pot needs some fresh soil.

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