Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gardening is Work

The season has just started and I'm already tired. I guess that's why many people don't garden. It can be costly and it's work. I've also been attending a gardening class with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In the end each group is supposed to create their own community garden. It's a good class with so much information and it's nice to meet different people. Maybe I tried to do too much on this holiday weekend. My school district normally gets the week off prior to Easter. This year, it was 3 days. I have done a lot in three days. Now, I really need a day off. I've also been doing a little spring cleaning in the house and putting up lighter curtains. What would life be like without chores. It must be nice to have the means to have a maid, cook, and gardener. Add to that not having to work. I won't ever have that luxury but one day I hope to retire.

I had the bright idea that I could hang these window boxes on the fence. It didn't work. I guess it could if I got something else to attach the container. Two years ago I bought them for my bedroom window. They're cheap looking and not what I really wanted so I didn't hang them up. Wasn't paying for window boxes out back. I can find something else nicer for a reasonable price in time and do something else with these.
This was online at Home Depot but I found it in the store. Thought it would fit on my front door but too big. I bought a basket from the flower show for my door but it seemed too narrow. It'll have to do. The only hanger I had was a Christmas one for wreaths. A jingle bells hanger. Had to use what I had. I'll look in the dollar store for one but until then, the one I have will do.

Flies are already here and they love the sweet asylum. I love it too; it smells so good.

Thyme, my favorite. The herbs smell so goood. Basal and dill are on the porch waiting to be planted.
Italian parsley.
Nice to see the chives came back. Hope they do better this year. I didn't know it was hardy in zone 7.
Have to find my dust. Something I bought to sprinkle on it for worms. Maybe I won't have the same problem like last year. For some reason caterpillars were bad last year in trees and they do fall on you. I'm not as hysterical about them as I used to be.  Can't believe they're butterflies. Don't have to worry about me having host plants for them on purpose.

Lettuce. I've had this type before. I'm looking forward to the Swiss chard when available.
Topped it off with potting soil. I'll clean it off and apply water proof another day. 
Starting to head up and bloom. Looks like less blooms than last year.

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