Friday, April 3, 2015

In The Yard Day II

There was an ambitious plan to do everything that needed to be done in the yard today. I have to start being realistic. A little at a time. Today remove the cat poop, take up chicken wire. Clean the bed out some from the remains of last summer, and throw out pots of what I surely know is dead. Sit a minute and enjoy the beautiful day. I sat for more than a minute. Unfortunately rain is expected tomorrow, but its not supposed to be a constant rain so I may get to clean pots for the broccoli and plant the herbs. I don't know if it's time to plant herbs outside but they seemed to have survived being outside at the garden center.

Time to clean up and throw away some things.
The dead looking one on the top step is veronica. It doesn't look like it survived. I'll have a corner for plants that look dead to see what they do.
Mandevilla . It's not supposed to be hardy in zone 7 but it looks like I see some green. It'll be amazing after our frigid winter. It was supposed to be put on my porch for the winter. By the time I thought of putting it there, it had already been outside in too many below freezing nights. Lets see what happens as the weather warms up.
Looks like some green to me on the wood.
Hard to believe that chives survived. The pot needs to be cleaned and more fresh soil added.
This arborvitae took a beating. The top was bent down and not fully straight. Maybe by fall, but I'll help it out with some ties.
Should I cut the lirope. I've never cut it in the fall or spring. Something has to help it. It hasn't ever performed the way I thought it would. A trimming would need to be done soon. May already be too late.
Lost a lot of foliage removing the chicken wire. I tried to cut around the leaves but I still lost a lot of bulbs.
Squirrels actually didn't eat everything after all.
The pansies, broccoli, and lettuce made it to the yard. Now to get them planted.
The shrub made it through winter. Now to find a place for it and see what it does.
Thought the ornamental grass was dead, but there are some green blades.
Blueberry. Do I trim off the old wood?
It's already budding out.
Crape Myrtle. Is it alive?
Fig tree back to the yard. Removed the weeds. Made the mistake of leaving weeds in my lilies last year and they appeared to kill them . I'll see if they come back this year. Even after months on the porch covered in plastic, the first thing I saw when the plastic was removed was life moving in the soil. All that cold and insects still alive. The pot needs more soil and then I'll pray that it takes off this year. Now, lets get those pansies planted before dark. 

I didn't see life in the ornamental grass before I cut it. I sure hope it returns. Lets see what the squirrels do with this planter over night. Last year they ate all the plants in this container, all.

 Vinca is still in the container. Hopefully it'll grow out or I'll take some from the yard. It grows wild. Once planted it doesn't die.

Chicken wire removed. Now to find a space for the peony.

Can't wait to see what these tulips look like.
My first attempt at cat control, cayenne pepper.
My second idea for cat control, chicken wire over openings. Of course cats can still jump fences. Lets see.

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