Sunday, April 26, 2015

Not The Tulip Display I Envisioned

Many tulips planted in the fall were eaten by squirrels. The one's remaining did not put on the display I expected. Some are very short with small heads and the red ones not bright but have more pink coloration. I had orange lily flowering tulips in the planters on the step. Today when I went outside squirrels had still been digging and eating. No bulbs came up in one planter. I dug up the remaining bulbs left, mostly daffodils. In spite of drainage holes in the container, they were soft and mushy. A new guinea impatient was put in their place. Tiny headed tulips are above ground in one planter but I don't think they'll do anything. This will be my last year planting tulips in them. Next spring I'll buy tulip plants to put in them. No fuss or worry about bulbs being eaten or rotting. 

Spring bulbs are putting on a show all over the city. I love to drive by homes and see their display and how pretty yards are. It's a beautiful time of year. Last years dead shrubs were removed from one window box and trashed. Haven't decided what I want to plant in the yet. It hasn't been easy to find an evergreen that will survive in them during the winter. I removed the spent spring bulbs from the planter and replaced it with impatiens also. The little shrub in the planter is putting on new grow. I'm glad because it looked beat up by winter.

A weed will survive. I pull that dandelion up every year. I guess I should did out the root.

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