Thursday, April 2, 2015

On The Porch and Planting Pansies Out Front

Every spring the porch is my holding place for plants and its no different this year. By the end of today many of the pansies should be planted and hopefully the broccoli and lettuce. I'm going to save 2 plants for my brother. I think he can handle broccoli. Nothing really to do except keep the worms off and in his yard, maybe the squirrels. I'm getting a late start. Went to visit my father first. He was first priority. It's beautiful today. The sky is blue and its in the 60's. Brisk wind is blowing making it feel cooler. Lets plant some pansies.
Soil for my containers in in the yard. I could have compost if I went to the recycling center in Fairmount Park and hauled some home. That's a plan this season. I'll drag along my daughter and Nephew. They don't know that yet.
When I see them I have trouble saying no. It would be nice if they lived beyond June. Of course they're cool season annuals and so they start to die in the heat and humidity. Not to fear, more available in the fall.
I had more. Went to plant the container on my mom's porch yesterday so I have some left that didn't fit in the container. The tulips are for me.

Purple basil.
All planted. That white mum sticking up is a piece I stuck in there to see if it will root.
I'll show the other planter later. The pansies will fill out.

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