Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some Seedlings Persevere

Although most of what I started this year germinated and did well for a while, most of the seedlings died. Survivors include two pots of impatiens, coleus, 5 geraniums, black eye Susan vine, and dragon wing begonias. Hope they make it till it's warm enough and large enough to plant outside. I'm amazed at the dragon wing begonias. They seem to grow better and faster in the spring. I guess it's the longer days and different spectrum of real light. After the first ones sowed months ago died I didn't think I'd have any success with these but, they seem to grow more each day I look at them. It's time to take some out but I'm going to leave them there till they have to be removed. By the end of May the seedlings just might be large enough to plant out. Lets see.

Starting from seed doesn't always turn out the way I hope but, each seedling that makes it to adulthood is a success to me especially the ones that cost a lot for just one plant in the nursery. It's exciting to see a plant or food result from a tiny seed. Many of the plants in catalogues aren't available at Home Depot or Lowe's and growing from seed allows me many more choices. I will say that bulbs and bare root plants have really grow on me. No work, just plant, sit back and watch. Today another catalogue came in the mail for fall bulbs. What selections. I'll place my order soon for the best selections that I like.

They had a good germination rate. Only one pellet didn't germinate.

Coleus. Don't know why they're still living. As you can see some are laying down and won't be repotted. The others were repotted weeks ago and I thought they would die because they didn't look good after transplanting. I also made the mistake of keeping the cover on them in a humid environment and then took it off and transplanted them. Guess they had to adjust to dry air inside the house. Most made it but I won't do this again as this also encourages damping off.
Black eye Susan vines. I need to put some sticks in for them to twine around before they start to twine around each other.
They look healthy.
I'm excited about this red one. This looks like it's the only one.
That solid green one is unusual.

Impatiens. Planted the regular ones and New Guinea ones but I don't think I have the later. Time will tell if they survive.

I like the dark colors. Hope some of these are chocolate mint. I also sowed some that are golden with green edges. Haven't seen any turn up this color yet but it takes time to see the full color with coleus.

Geraniums hanging on.

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