Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring in Philly

Sitting in my car waiting for my sister to come out of the house. Were going shopping with plants the priority. I parked and looked to my left and what did I see? The first tree I've seen in bloom this spring. It's beautiful. Wish I had my digital camera. This is taken with my cell phone. Have to learn how to take close ups. Maybe I'll walk with my camera tomorrow to take another picture with the camera. I'll enjoy looking back at the city in bloom when it's cold out

After several stops we arrived at Home Depot. I'm only supposed to be buying paint for the floor of my porch. It was plant heaven but as I told the sales lady a couple of days ago, "those plants are going to be dead. It's not time for them to be outside yet. Pansies, snapdragons, and cool season veggies do but not others." They had hanging baskets of coleus. Wasn't there today, probably was dead like I said. Next the produce market for veggies and to see what they put out. They were wise. No annuals yet. Would love to go to Primex which is a nursery but not on Saturday. I can imagine how packed the parking lot is and how many people are there, so maybe another day.  So I bought 2 small hosta, and two other perennials yellow in color to add some brightness to the yard.
Sedum mat. This was so expensive at the flower show. My sister talked me into buying it. We split the price. I'll cut it in half one half for me and one for her. I'll have to take it to her because can't let it die on my watch. On Sunday I'll have to get my half into the ground. It's absolutely beautiful. I behaved, that's all the plants I bought today. Part of today was supposed to be planting all my bare root plants. We didn't get home till evening so tomorrow is another day. My order from Bluestone Perennials arrived on Friday. A nice surprise. I'll show you those tomorrow. Happy gardening.
This is what I'm now doing. Actually it's time for bed. Early but, can't keep my eyes open. It's still cool enough for heat and always a fire. 

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