Monday, April 13, 2015

The Weekend

It was time to plant my bear root plants before they meet with tragedy and death. It's warm enough and they're perennial and most are now breaking ground. Mr. squirrel and I have a problem. When I went into the yard today there were huge holes dug in the ground, pots dug in and turned over, and of course bulbs dug up and eaten. The squirrels are going to get it! The red pepper actually did help until it rained and more wasn't put down. I'm also concerned because I have faithful robins that visit the yard and flower beds for worms and insects. Do you think cayenne pepper would harm them or make them avoid the yard?

Today a robin visited and wouldn't leave until I made a lot of noise and told him, "okay it's time to leave. I need to cut this crab grass." Until then he walked around the whole bed and plucked earth worms from the soil. He looked at me and I looked at him in amazement that he wouldn't leave although I was in the yard. He was fat from eating all winter and his breast large. Just beautiful. I decided not to put down more cayenne pepper for now. Lets see what happens over night. 

I got a lot of plants in the ground. Envisioning that I have a lot of ground to plant in will have to stop. It was hard to find the right spot for each plant and most had to go were I could dig with all the roots. Got strawberries, more broccoli, and Swiss chard into the containers. When it warms up, tomatoes and pepper will follow.

Herbs and blueberry doing good so far. Parsley seems to like more water than chives and thyme.
Grass, strawberries, and Swiss chard awaiting planting. 
Star Gazer Lilies
Strawberries planted. Wanted a strawberry pot but used what I have. The one I had froze and broke several years ago. 
I know the broccoli is planted too close. I had 3 in the container and I added the others.

Not a good mother to my pansies. The one in the middle was my favorite. Maybe it'll make it.
I still have to wash off  the planter and put water proof on it. Another day.

The peony is coming up nicely. It'll be time to spray it soon to prevent powdery mildew which it had last summer. I've read that a lot of other bloggers use a mixture of baking soda and milk. Lets see how it works.
Some lilies and more peony planted.
Moss loves the yard. They'll be less when it heats up.
That's my bleeding heart. Waiting for the fern.
That little rose bush in the wrong spot won't give up.
Can't wait to see what this patch of bulbs is.

One of the holes dug by squirrel.
Have to replant these. Seems after they start to grow the squirrels avoid them. Doesn't stop them from digging them up. They must somehow know that most of the nutrients contained in the bulb has already gone into the foliage and bloom.
I planted one pot of the lilies in the ground but have to find spots for another pot. 
Have to find a place or pot for the rose.
Blackberry for $2.50. My type of price. Was almost nine dollars.

Didn't get a good close up of the robin as he walked and ate. Hope you can see him.

Caladium, two types of elephant ears, dwarf white canna, 2 types of begonia, and a lily.

The squirrels did leave some tulips in the containers.
Part of the sedum mat planted. I hope it lives. Rain on Tuesday should help.

I think the mat is made of coir. I don't even see soil.
Lambs ear not yet ready to clean up. I don't want to damage any areas of new growth.

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