Saturday, May 23, 2015

Help By The Light Of The Moon

Can't believe I'm in the yard with a friend at dusk cutting those tree branches I wanted cut. I've been out of the house all day and I'm tired, but not turning down a chance to get the branches cut today. The moon is already out. I'll have to see if I can see it tonight . I love to look out the window at night and see the moon and stars. So peaceful and beautiful.
That little pole can do wonders. I needed male strength for the thicker branches. I cut a lot off last summer. This spring, I have help. Maybe by fall the tree man will come and really do some good cutting. I couldn't believe the amount of light I now have. It was so dark in the yard. Maybe this will prevent powdery mildew this summer. I can imagine the plants gossiping to one another say light, we have  light. Birds in the yard were worried and one came to sit on the fence and looked. I heard babies chirping so she must have a nest higher up in the tree. It looked like the dove we've be hearing.
The canopy of Norway Maples lets little rain enter and the flower bed near the fence reflects this. I wasn't aware  my area has a drought until watching the weather report one evening. The ground is dry and crunchy. I'm surprised anything is living with the little water I've given it.
We have some more to cut then chop it and bag it up till trash day.
You know I love the blue hydrangeas. I have 2 one will go in a wood planter I've been waiting to use and one in the long cedar planter. I pray they make it they're one of my favorites. 
So I didn't want to show all the dead foliage from spring bulbs but oh well. It'll look better soon when I have time to get out here. Still will plant annuals, plant the box wood that has been there way to long, then mulch the bed to hopefully help give some protection from the heat
I have one rose.  One rose compared to my sister's roses. They were beautiful today at her house.
Not pretty but only some plants survive in this bed. It's always more work after spring bulbs to make it look presentable.
It'll look better when the annuals are down, mulch, and the old foliage cleaned up. Okay I won't complain again. It's the reality of my shade garden.

It was so pretty but the pansies have to come out now.
The tomatoes and cucumbers should be in by now.
Looks like something ate a chunk from the strawberry. That's a shame. Guess it didn't want me to get to it first. either that or the strawberry just grew that way.

A dark beauty.

Out Front
The balloon flowers have grown.

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