Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not Much Gardening Going On

In my last post I talked about how fast the season seems to be going and how things are growing fast. It's not summer but you wouldn't know it. Can't muster up much excitement to plants lots of perennials purchased or pull bulbs past bloom. The yard needs to be cleaned up as it's covered in the foliage of tulips. We've had summer weather in spring. Today was a respite, and the next few days to follow. By Sunday the temperature is expected to be 88 degrees already. It was hot and humid Mother's Day. My daughter made dinner on the grill. We planned to go out to dinner but I wasn't in the mood. This is my first Mother's Day without my mother. It wasn't a sad day. I remember her with love and joy. I planned to pull bulbs and plant annuals but none of that got done, too hot! I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. Hopefully I'll get some energy and desire to do some gardening this weekend but we do expect some rain. Hope your garden is beautiful and you're enjoying the season.

These trees

The lilies did good even in a pot. I'll plant them this fall.
I'll show it again after I clean it up.

I think some of the strawberries were already eaten.

The lettuce is pretty.

Impatiens to be planted. Some in the yard and some out front.

I counted one bloom on the peony. That's what I get for not putting down fertilizer.
To be planted.

Bulbs after blooming.
My rose bush is doing well. I bought 3 new heuchera. They weren't the purple ones I like but they'll do.

Things are not so pretty. I'll remove the bulbs and then see where I want to plant annuals for some color.

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