Sunday, May 17, 2015

On The Porch

Ivy leaf geranium, Christmas cactus, jasmine.
Palm that hopefully will make it till next summer.
Croton. I have poor success with these.
Begonias have broken ground.
Can't wait to see what the begonias look like.
Impatien seedlings.

Beautiful coleus.
The gerbera daisies remained on the porch and are doing well. I await new blooms. I've learned through trial and era that they can be fussy liking not to much sun and lots of water or they'll wilt and droop. Some days they tell when when to lower the blind to limit sun.
Coleus seedlings. They should be much larger but it represents the  lack of care given. Some will survive. I look forward to ordering seeds for fall and the hope that I'll do better with them in the fall.

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