Thursday, May 7, 2015

Somethings Different

No pictures to post today of what's happening with my plants but I made an observation. At first I thought it might be my imagination. Last Saturday everything in the yard was just beautiful and in bloom. Not so yesterday evening after work. The tulips have finished their show and now need to be removed as they're not perinneal and may not do well next spring. I need to keep this in mind by the time I finish ordering bulbs for the fall. 

Everything seems to be growing at record speed for reasons I don't know why. I have grass to cut, weeds to pull. Swiss chard and broccoli who's leaves were spotless last Saturday has now been attacked by the unknown. No holes though. Not to fear, Saturday is almost here and I'll make time to get out in the yard after I visit my mother's grave. I have more strawberries since Saturday. The lettuce has burst further out of it's container. I think I may pick it for a salad on the weekend. I'll let you know, along with maybe some sauted Swiss chard. The heads of broccoli don't look promising to make large heads. I'm sure it's too many to a small container. Lets see what happens but I can't let it bolt and go to flowers. I thought I noticed a little yellow on the florets which means it's time to pick or it'll flower. Hopefully it doesn't do this before Saturday. I'm supposed to be resting and not over doing it. How can I do it. I don't want to get sick again.

Lastly our temperatures went from winter to summer over night and it's hot and plants need to be watered daily. Have I done it, no. I must start honoring my commitment to water this season. I've invested money in plants and I can't just see them dies from lack of water. I need to buy some mulch soon before it really heats up and start some summer planting. My fern in the backyard planter has begun to grow again this year. Last year it was huge. The bleeding heart next to it gets larger every time I see it. What is my prediction regarding the rapid growth of everything green? Does this indicate a bad winter ahead? Stay tuned in. You know I'll show you the snow.

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