Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Weekend

Everything is putting on a show before the arrival of real heat in June. My container broccoli, lettuce, and Swiss chard is bursting from the small containers. Tulips are nearing their end with leaves extended wide. Other annuals await planting when the show is over. Squirrels haven't stop their rampage in the yard. Soil, and a over turned pot and a bulb stopped my first step down in the yard today. I put the bulbs outside during the week and squirrels have been curious. I smile because they couldn't do anything with that heavy bulb. It must doesn't taste good either because I didn't see where they ate any. Besides planting the window box this morning I'm supposed to be resting, but who said I can't take pictures.

Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and basil await planting. I'll get to them soon. My tomato actually already has a tomato in the pot it came in and another bloom. I need to clean out more pots and make another shelf for them to sit on up off the ground.

I need to find a place for the day lilies in the ground likely among the hosta since there's too much shade under the trees.

To be planted.

Shade arrived with leaves on the trees over a week ago in the yard.
Out Front. Coreopsis still hasn't filled out and the lambs ear is still emerging. I haven't cleaned it up yet. I actually haven't seen the ajuga. I said nothing could kill it. Lets see if it returns.
The shrubs have grown more than I wanted. They weren't dwarf. I'll think about what to do in the fall. I had huchera, sedum, corn plant, and lirope in this container and it did well for years. I may replant more when I seem them in the garden center because I liked the perennials better and it was lower maintenance.

They're so small I'm really surprised they bloomed.
Ten were planted in each container. This is the only one that survived with 5 tulips. I won't buy small tulips like this again. I ordered pink ones for fall. I hope they're not this small.
It's a beautiful tulip though.
Poppy and day lilies.
I wasn't sure what this was but I think it's a white daisy I planted last year. I thought it was dead. Time will tell.

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