Saturday, June 13, 2015

Already Feeling Like Dog Days of Summer

Echinacea (coneflower) on the porch waiting to go out in the yard. I love them but powdery mildew always attacks them in the yard and last year aster yellow did them in out front. Lets try again. They attract butterflies to the yard. Haven't seen one yet this season.

It's amazing what can come from what looks like a dried up plum. My 3 begonias are growing nicely and the one outside in the yard has grown the best. I'm going to bring it in onto the porch when it gets ready to bloom so I can enjoy it. I'll definitely get more of these next season. Can't wait to see the blooms. I ordered these from Longfield Garden. Although these have done well all the other summer bulbs haven't emerged yet and this disappoints me. Still waiting for elephant ear, caladiums, canna, and a lily.

Begonia in the yard.
Lets see what's happening out front. My palm is actually still alive although I had to cut off a lot of dead branches.

The grass is beautiful at this time of year and will add interest even in winter till next spring when I cut it.

Love salmon coleus.

Day lilies
Can't kill those zinnias.
Lambs ear blooming.
Sweet alyssum

Euphorbia is a beautiful annual.
I finally paid attention. Violas will last in the heat long after pansies have died. I love the large blooms of pansies but having smaller blooms during the summer is more important to me.

The sunflower my sister gave me is growing fast.
Head starting to form on the sunflower.

Waiting for added color when the balloon flowers start to bloom. Hope you're having a wonderful gardening season.

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