Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday In The Yard

This looks a mess. Was pretty with a patch of narcissus but they're done. I pulled most of the brown foliage. I'm thinking of something tall and perennial to go behind the hosta and peony. Roses perhaps. Something with color that I won't have to keep planting every year. I have planted things in the back but many didn't make it long. There were echinacea, veronica, rudbeckia and others.
The cucumber is growing and has attached to the trellis.
I have 1 tomato bloom.
I have to water the daisies before I plant them. Can't come in the yard without my mosquito protection. The insects were vicious today. 

Daisies Planted till fall when they go in the ground. One was on the ground after work, squirrels. I blame everything on them.

Took the dead fig branches from the container and put in the blackberry bush. I hope it continues to do well.

Planted in another container.

That's my shasta daisy I planted yesterday. I think squirrels were checking things out. The turned up side down nursery pot it sat on was possibly the cause. I say squirrels. 

Looks like slugs to me. I put dust down once. Time for the slug product I bought before the eat everything. I would have said the heat but I don't think so. 

One still standing. 

No blooms this year for the peony. The 3 on there dropped off or were eaten, fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizer this year. Remembered after writing this post that last summer I had a bad problem with powdery mildew in the yard and I cut the peony to the ground during the summer. This may be why they didn't bloom. Maybe they're like bulbs that get next seasons energy from their foliage.
I have to clean up this area but on another day. After pulling weeds, cutting grass, and getting rid of a lot of plants that have died, I'm tired. The vinca will be planted today. The bins with soil are summer bulbs that haven't come up and I'm upset about that.
I'll prop up the fern, remove the pansies, and clean off and coat the planter to protect it from rain. I'm late doing it this year. Usually I do it before planting anything in it.
I would love it to grow in the ground like this. The yard did have many ferns when I moved here. Over the years they died. There were also hosta and those survived. Ferns do good in my section of the city and grow beautifully in my sister's yard.
I think the tag said switch grass. I don't like it. Hopefully when it grows it'll look better. Not at all like the grass out front. Bought on sale last fall. I'll try to remove last years growth and not damage this years.
Wash it down and put on some polyurethane. I wasn't careful this spring and let the dead flower blooms stay on the side and they stained the wood. I don't plant edibles in it so the poly won't hurt the plants. The container is also lined with thick plastic. Those seedlings are rose of Sharon from my neighbor's tree. They self sow every where.
Looks much better.

All plated for now.
That's an elephants ear. I put it in the planter. I've complained about the bulbs from Longfield Garden but when I pulled it up there were lots of healthy roots. I guess it's just taking it's time.
Planted more of these.
Smells beautiful. Can't wait to select more for next spring. 
I can't believe that saved sweet potato did all that. I could cut them to have more but I bought store bought ones waiting for this to grow. I'll dig up every one this fall and hopefully not have to buy them again. I'm not sure if this is Caroline or Marguerite. 
It's planted holes from flea beetles and all.
The sweet potato vine has been eaten before but not by this insect. This year there seems to be different insects  in the garden.
I still have to plant these or give them to my sister.

I love blue hydrangea and wouldn't change them but what was I thinking with the red impatiens and lilies. Next year hopefully a simpler maybe mono chromatic color scheme. Not likely.
I'm glad I didn't pull the lirope. It's growing nicely. The hydrangea below is getting powdery mildew although it was sprayed.

Next is my poor attempt at short videos. If they don't load you know I'm the problem. I'll try to fix it.The garden has so many sounds. Usually I can't get inside quick enough to get my camera to record. Today a bird sang although he appeared upset that I was in my garden. There are a lot of different birds this year. Although I love plants and flowers, the animals are my favorite although I complain about them. They're interesting to watch. I don't know what type of bird this is.

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