Monday, June 29, 2015

The Summer Garden

We had a very warm spring and it seems to be continuing in the pattern. Although there was a drought  this spring it didn't seem like it and the plants in the yard have done really well with little additional water from me. It's only a few days from July and I haven't had to take out the hose. Maybe the garden will make it through July and August with little additional water and still look beautiful. Many of the Longfield Garden bulbs have started to come up finally with one pot unmarked and I'm not sure what type of bulbs they were. My 2 elephant ears one planted in the ground and one in the planter have also finally emerged. I hope the one from last year makes a spectacle of itself again this year. It was huge last summer. Hope your garden is beautiful and you're enjoying getting your hands in the soil.

Growing nicely but not to excited about the coleus. Would have preferred chocolate mint ones in the container. May try to find a space for caladium Carolyn Whorton that has finally emerged in the yard.

Violas actually still living. The yellow ones next to these are slowing down.

Downy mildew again this year. Too many plants in a small space. There are plants behind it that are supposed to be growing on the trellis but too crowded.
The sunflower has really grown.

Lambs ear hasn't done real well with the weather this year. I'm concerned it won't come back next spring. I'd better try hard to start some seedlings or get a piece from my sister's yard.
You see how good last years sweet potato tuber did. Can't wait to dig it up and see how many sweet potatoes I'll have in the fall from this one.

Nice to see the elephant ear come up. It's little but lets see how big it can get. The impatiens are beautiful. I didn't like all the color at first but I'm adjusting to it.

Doesn't look like any new damaged leaves from flea beetles.

The coleus are being eaten. I have to put something down. We grow plants for their beauty but insects think they're food for them.

The lilies are still blooming.

The fern is doing well and still making new fronds. Thought propping it up would damage it but it's doing good.
The ornamental grass hasn't taken off at all. Maybe next year if it survives.

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's huge. The one on my porch is in bloom  with white trailing flowers. Forgot to take a picture.
It could use a larger container.
My favorite. You would think that they'd attract slugs because of the sweet smell but I've been lucky.
They finally came up. Look at the weeds in the bottom. I have to take those out or they'll suck out all the nutrients.
Lots of cucumber blooms but no cucumbers yet.
Not one tomato yet. I did plant them late though.

Don't know what this is yet.

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