Thursday, June 4, 2015

This One's For Me

Like the ruffled collars I remember on the dresses my daughter wore when she was little; that's what the tops of home grown strawberries remind me of. I've never seen the white ruffles in ones bought from the market. Is that just the remains of the bloom from the flower?  Do you grow strawberries? Let me know. You know I'm a novice. I looked at the pint of store bought ones in the refrigerator to see. Nope, no ruffled collar. If I'd kept the plant label from them, I'd know what type they are so I can buy them again next spring just for the ruffles. It's worth growing something outside your door if only to know exactly where it came from and that no pesticides are going into your body from it. Would be nice to have a pint at a time. Was it sweet, absolutely not but not tart. I really thought it would be but it may have started to rot if I left it for another day or squirrels, birds, or raccoons would have gotten to it first. I'd been watching it from my kitchen window in the rain for the past 2 evenings. After work today, I made sure to go get it.
Store bought strawberries. The same tops like mine but no ruffle. 

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