Friday, July 17, 2015

A Walk In The Neighborhood

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get some exercise and see what others have growing this summer. Come walk with me to the neighborhood community garden. We saw it in spring, lets see what it looks like now.
My neighbor's tree. Think it's a crepe myrtle.
One of my favorite parts of walking is looking at houses as I go along and seeing what people do with their gardens, and seeing houses decorated for holiday.s
Two houses under renovation. Probably by the same buyer and I bet they'll be turned into apartments.
That was today's route.
Knock out roses. I know they were developed to be more disease resistant but I don't like the type of flower it produces. I like full rose buds.
The neighbor's hell strip on my walk. The owner stopped to talk to me and make sure I wasn't taking pictures for a philly penalty for planting on the sidewalk. I told her no that I live down the street and I take pictures of flowers while I walk in the neighborhood for my blog. I admired one of her plants and she offered to give me some and take me inside the community garden since she is a member. I thanked her and may take her up on both offers on another day. I normally take pictures around the boarders of the garden and would never trespass without permission.

Neighborhood Community Garden

Garden Phlox

Pretty Hosta

Nothing outshines sunflowers.

Blackberry Bush

My cone flowers have never looked like this.

The Boys club added flowers this year.

Used to sale antique and used furniture. Apartments over night. You can have yours starting at $700's. Wonder what they look like inside?

Part of Grumblethorpe.

Always admiring the flowers.

Black Eyed Susan


My next stop.
Time to walk home.

We'll walk again in the fall and see what the flowers are doing.

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