Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Bye July

I'm in the yard to pull my tomatoes and cucumbers. Didn't get a chance to eat any on either plant the first time in years. The sound of rain didn't wake me last night but the flower beds are moist already and really didn't need much water. Maybe it's from the soaking we got several days ago.

I've only grilled one time this season, unusual for me. I have wanted to but the heat has been extreme. There are many things I haven't still cleaned up in the yard. At this point, who cares.

One day that box wood will be planted. It's been in that pot for a couple of years. They must be pretty hard to kill.

It's a pretty elephant ear.

The begonias haven't wilted yet this summer from the extreme heat unlike the coral bell (heuchera).
The ground is dry like sand and I haven't had the water hose out yet this season. I'm pressing my luck and getting tired of carrying a 2 gallon watering can on many trips from the kitchen to the yard to get water in between days when there's been no rain. 
That's the lady of the yard. Small but I liked it with just enough of a basin for one bird to bask in. Haven't seen one in there yet. It probably would benefit from a different sheltered location although birds in the yard should know that cats aren't routinely a problem especially since putting up the chicken wire. The elephant ear on the right near the fence won't survive this season. It's competing for water with the tree roots. Last summer it was planted in the container and was huge. I'll dig it up  if it survives and plant it back in the container next summer.

The cucumbers and tomatoes didn't do well this year. Time to pull them.
Strawberries still making and running into another container. I ate it.

I did have cumbers but they were misshapen.
Cherry Tomatoes

I hate hosta at this time of year all eaten and ratty looking.
Lilies still blooming. I love that they bloomed most of the summer.
Another type of lily. Can't wait to see what they look like.

The latest project. I have to get more bricks.

Sweet potatoes with one dug up by squirrels. They don't look too promising. Maybe I'll get a couple of sweet potatoes.

Lets go out front


Lambs ear is still blooming.

Planted in spring and left alone. Actually the Rosemary, pink geraniums, and asparagus fern are doing well up there. Huge holes have been dug in the soil from squirrels. I did nothing to the other window box this spring. I see a huge weed growing in it. I'll take it out eventually.

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