Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's Hot!

The temperature in my living room and on the porch when I woke up this morning was astonishing. Although I haven't listened to the news yet to hear the weather, I know it has to be in the high 90's with a feel like temperature over 100 degrees. Not a lot of humidity just extreme heat. The type of heat that keeps people on my street from sitting on their porches and no one walking outside. My neighbors always sit out but today everyone is inside trying to stay cool. I also will stay inside today. 

The plan was to grill and plant some nursery purchases from yesterday but it's too hot. I'll follow the recommendation not to plant in extreme heat. I actually bought 3 small mums for my porch planter as the gerbera daisies have declined in the heat of July. They were beautiful in their prime. It was also too hot on the porch to be planting anything. I did go out and give the sidewalk planters some water as they were suffering and the impatiens voicing their complaints. 

So, it's work on some projects inside. Wash inside windows in the living room and hang curtains already before fall while I have time to do it without the rush; hang a new wreath over the mantel; and arrange some potpourri and my terrarium container. The plants inside the terrarium died. Eventually do some straightening up around the house and read some books for some work related courses I'm taking this summer. Hope your're keeping cool in the heat.

Time to put away the spring homemade wreath I made in the winter longing for spring. I'm going to miss the color in the living room.
I saw these last year and didn't want to pay for one. They didn't have the exact one I wanted but this one is still pretty. All dried flowers so it shouldn't be in a sunny area.
I'll add a ribbon later. My memorial to my mother and father on the mantel. That's my dad's hat. He loved his hats especially his baseball ones with the Phillies logo. It some how comforts me to come into the living room every day and see the pictures and my father's hat that he wore. My mother has been gone for a little over a year and I haven't wanted to take down the pictures.
Mums already in stores. I wanted some color on my porch. Since it got really hot the geraniums haven't bloomed and everything else out there is green.
Container for potpourri.

The orange slices and flowers are my favorite.

Curtains for my bedroom. The ones I have up have been up for a while and I could use a change. Will look pretty with some white sheets and pretty throw pillows and a rug. I like to change my bedroom each year for my birthday and to celebrate the arrival of fall and winter.
Curtains for the living room. I'll add a white panel under them on another rod as they're not lined and I like that look. I'll be early this year and it'll be nice to already have done some fall cleaning and decorating before it arrives.

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