Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nature Declares The Glory of God

It's been a beautiful day. Low humidity, beautiful blue sky with cotton puff clouds. The singing of birds, the smell of aromatic flowers, the sound of children playing. I hope you took advantage of the beautiful weather today in Philly.


Second elephant ear. It's a different type than the other one in the ground. It's starting to grow.

Begonia with a large bloom yet to open.
Cucumber Leaf
Sad Chives
Blackberry Bush. Maybe blackberries next season.
Agapanthus has not bloomed or thrived. It was bare root and make take another season before it does.
The mums I bought from Georgia last year are doing okay. There were a rack of mums at the nursery today.
I think this possibly was the voodoo lily. I missed it in bloom.
Carex is doing okay in spite of a slow start. I'll make sure to trim it this fall.
The lily bulbs I planted last week are actually coming up and weren't eaten. Hope  they're beautiful.

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