Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer In The Yard

The stargazer lilies are smelling up the whole yard. They smell wonderful.

This one has powdery mildew and I hope this doesn't mean it won't survive. I sprayed it several times but that hasn't stopped damage already done.
Cone flower will be divided and planted today.
The fern, some peppers and sweet potatoes also to be planted. The edibles should have been planted earlier in the summer. Lets see what they do.
Weeds although small if left for another week will be huge so I'll make it look neater.

I'm going to pull the Swiss chard. The weather and humidity really got to it this year.
My daisy is on the ground again. I'm going to plant the cone flower and fern in this bed. Nothing is behind the hosta so I'll plant  there. A lot of things were knocked over when I came out today possibly raccoons.
Have to dump these. One were canna that did nothing. the container had drainage holes but when I dumped it the canna were wet and rotten.
Have to pull these weeds. This is were the sweet potatoes are supposed to go. Bags of last falls leaves are behind it hopefully in the process of forming into leaf mold. I'm afraid to open the bags. You know how I feel about bugs.
Divided into more plants.

Look cray doesn't it. This is the only way I plant late in the season. I covered them so I could reach into the back to plant the cone flowers without possible insects getting on me. Guess what. Bugs weren't a problem really except in another area.

Blooms from hosta.
When I pulled the weeds in the corner they were loaded with this bug. Not a lady bug. What is it? Think I may have identified it on line. Didn't spray them because I wanted to plant sweet potatoes in that area and there were lots of bees and butterflies in the yard. Wouldn't want to kill them.
Hosta don't look pretty at this time of year. being eaten by slugs and what ever else.
Planted the fern under them.
Sweet potatoes.
Blackberry was growing like a vine. I later added a trellis for it to sprawl on.

Those impatiens are really showing out.

Some lilies planted.

First cucumber starting.

It's been a beautiful summer in the yard. Happy gardening.

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