Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunflowers and Butterflies

Hot and sultry here. Soaked in sweat my clothing sticking to me while tending to plants out front. On one of my many trips back onto the porch to get gloves, shovel, and some perennials to plant, I heard the flutter of wings on the porch. Not good. Had to be something big. Not big as a bird. How does a butterfly get onto the porch? Another summer when a plants on the porch wooed a curious insect onto the porch. The only plant in bloom is the white begonia.The sound of it's wings caught my attention as it fluttered trying to get from behind the bamboo shade on my porch. I tried to take pictures of the beautiful black and orange butterfly but catching it to get it back outside was more important. You know I hate bugs. Yes it's a pollinator and beautiful but to me a bug! I got my ladder to climb higher. After several attempts I caught it with my gloved hand and released it outside. It happily fluttered away.

It opened about a week ago. A pretty one.

Dahlia, beautiful color. I never stalked it but tried to today. Maybe it will uncurl some. I'll have to buy more of these next year. I'm hooked.
Look at Carolyn that leaf is huge. I actually tore it planting it. Oh well. It has other leaves.

Ornamental onion. It has small allium blooms. Caught my attention at the nursery.

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