Saturday, July 18, 2015

To Everything There Is A Season

July and August are a difficult time for plants. Many perennials have bloomed already. Annuals are giving it their all. I'm thinking of what  to do to improve the flower bed out front for next season. It could use some changes. I haven't started my summer painting and projects I normally do outside and inside. Time to start. I'm behind on things and don't feel motivated to do much. For the second time in 13 months I've had a major life change. The passing of my father. My father was a good man and father. I am honored that he was my father and the Lord allowed me to help take care of him and advocate for him when it was most important. He certainly took care of me. I love and will miss him dearly. He was also my greatest supporter. We layed him to rest in July. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

My sunflower looks sad compared to the ones at the community garden. The head without leaves was beautiful although her petals fell off one by one by itself or with help.
I tore the leaf of the caldium planting it but it'll survive and they're others in the planter.
It's growing nicely.
One sidewalk planter.

Those violas are still alive in July, amazing. When fall comes I'll try to plant more violas than pansies since I recently found that they do better in heat and possibly cold. I'll see this winter if they can make it till spring.
I love the salmon coleus. Something has been eating it or it was damaged by kids playing.
Vinca is a pretty plant, perennial and hard to kill. It trails beautifully and I've never seen it get any disease or insects.
Second sidewalk planter. Would like to do something different with them next spring but don't know what.
Black eyed Susan finally bloomed. It has powdery mildew though. Many plants get it in Philly because of the heat, moisture, and humidity. It doesn't kill the plant but it doesn't look pretty.

I almost missed the blooms they're hidden behind other plants.
Pots moved from the step. I think I'll put them in the yard in the fall for tulips and maybe get something smaller and different for the steps next season.

I'm getting a few more dahlias. They're pretty.
Helenium is a pretty plant but mine has powdery mildew for the second summer.

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