Sunday, August 9, 2015

In The City

It was a beautiful day in Philly with a beautiful blue sky. I made an effort to get out of the house and enjoy  the weather yesterday and today. I've been feeling down thinking about loosing both parents within 13 months. Getting out helped. Perennials were on sale 4 for $5.00 yesterday. I know it's a bad time to plant but hopefully they'll return next spring. Everyone seemed to have the same idea today. It was crowded everywhere with streets blocked off for block parties from Germantown to Center City. The smell of barbecue, children playing, summer in the city. 

Winter will be here soon and I wanted to look at the selection of boots at Macy's. Made the trip for nothing as few boots had been put out. Can't come into center city without stopping at Reading Terminal and having lunch. The Pennsylvania Amish were giving pony rides to children. Market Street from 12th to 11th is under construction for new condos and shops. The Gallery  will also be renovated. Can't wait to see it when it's all done.

Isn't the sky with clouds beautiful? Where I got off the bus. I don't usually drive into Center City if I'm shopping.
Hard Rock Cafe
Now Macy's.
City Hall

The organ was playing today in Macy's.
I've arrived at the shoe department.

The plants in front of Macy's aren't as pretty as last summer. Looks like yucca and roses.
The Lowes Hotel had beautiful banana plants out front.
I live in Philly but I'm going to ride one of these buses one day to see what sites they take you to.

Termini's Bakery
Big cupcakes.
Candy land.

They make good blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
See food and large prawns on the right.
I don't know if I'd like sweet potato salad.

The produce market. I just looked as I stopped at the produce market yesterday.
My mother liked to buy these type of meats.

Cheese that I have to try one day.
My favorite turkey place but I got tired of waiting in line for turkey thighs for Sunday's dinner.
Stopped in the kitchen store but didn't buy anything.
One of my favorite stops but since I bought some yesterday at another market none today for me.
That was my dinner from the Reading Terminal, corned beef special and homemade chips. I'll take this to my sisters for later.
That's a Philly cheese steak. I should have turned it around. This was for other family members shared later in the evening at my sister's house. We have family night on Saturday. Let me show you the plants and flowers I bought yesterday. Five perennials in large containers, one hanging plant for the porch, and 4 bunches of fresh flowers for the table all for $19.00. You can't beat the price.

Black eyed Susan. the plants were very healthy.
Cone flowers.

Produce from the market yesterday. It would have been nice to go in my yard to get the lettuce and broccoli but too hot for that. Almost time soon though for cool season veggies. I cut my peach tree down years ago. Had tons of peaches but my neighbor complained about them getting in her yard.

Fresh flowers for the table. My eye candy.

For the porch, $3.00. I'm going to spray and take it in for the winter.

I hope you enjoyed spending time with me and that you're having a beautiful weekend!

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