Saturday, August 15, 2015

Surviving In The Heat

The yellow finches have actually picked almost every sunflower seed from each flower. I'll cut it down soon after most of the seeds have been eaten. I bought a variety for next summer to choose from. Most will be given to my sister. She has a large patch every summer. I made sure to buy some red ones because the yellow finches really like these although they'll eat other types of sunflower seeds  as I've seen. I love a pack for a few cents. If they produce the same don't know why pay $5.00's for a pack unless they're organic, open pollinated, or not genetically modified.

These are supposed to be planted now. The way I'm going, it'll be plants from the nursery. Although my tomatoes and cucumbers were a fail this season the broccoli and lettuce did well. Nice that you can plant it in the spring and fall as they're cool season veggies.

Although small the black eyed Susan vine finally reached the top of the trellis and keeps producing new blooms.

Hasn't stopped blooming even with the heat, humidity, mildew, and leaf miner.
The ornamental onion is my second favorite this season and did well planted in this spot. It didn't seem to mind the crowding and has stayed in bloom since planted.

A coreopsis is planted by the rock. It's alive but did not thrive. Hopefully it returns next season.
My favorite this season. It also is suffering from what I think is powdery mildew but that hasn't stopped it's growth or blooms.

The balloon flowers are dead headed and blooms have slowed down.
Lambs ear hanging in there. I cleaned up some dead parts. Although this is a hot dry spot it still tends to get moldy underneath. It was beautiful last season but greatly reduced in size this year. I won't be surprised if it doesn't return meaning I'll need to work on starting some from seed this winter.
I'll have to think of a different type of arrangement next spring. I want something different but still want lots of blooms. Fall and winter will be plenty of time to figure it out.

The impatiens are getting tired in this planter and the ones on the sidewalk. It's been a hot humid season with not a lot of rain. They've done well and put on a beautiful show.
This viola in a crack on my sidewalk is taunting me. I love pansies and violas but have difficulty growing them from seeds. I don't seven see soil in this crack. It actually bloomed! people step on it, I sweep it, and it's still thriving. The dispersing of seeds when pods open carry seeds everywhere. I thought of all the requirements these plants require to germinate. Cool temperatures and darkness. So how did this get here without that? 

These were bought months ago for this fall. I planned to start them in June but my father passed and starting seeds weren't a priority. I really like the choices. Since my violas did so well I went with mostly violas. I just pulled the last dead plant today from my sidewalk planter. I give it 2-3 weeks and pansies and violas will be at the nursery. Fall vegetable plants already are although I didn't buy any because I don't have room to grow 6 or 9 of any vegetable. One plant of the ones I choose will do for me. I'm really going to make an effort to direct sow some seeds in the containers in the yard next week.
One of my Boston ferns on the porch. I took it from hanging to shake off the dead foliage. I have 2 but neither thrived this summer. I'd love if they survived in my home over winter alive. I've read that they'll return if you cut them back and keep them in not to cold location while they're dormant till spring. The one brought into the house last fall was forgotten. Probably still in my spare bedroom in a bag, plant abuse. I'll try again this fall.
Calibrachoa brought for I think $3.00's about a week ago. It's ashamed they cost about five dollars at Home Depot sold by Proven Winners in 3 inch pots. I'm going to spray it to bring inside till spring. Lets see if it survives. 
I bought these also. Can't beat the price if they do well. I've never done well with direct sowing but i'll try with everything except the coleus. Maybe I'll try to winter sow on the snow this year? I hope your're having a beautiful season.

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