Thursday, September 24, 2015

In The Yard

Pray that it returns. One of my favorite, Japanese anemone one of two perennials I bought yesterday from Primex. I will say that buying this size would have been more expensive on line with delivery charges. I like the white ones more but only pink was available and didn't want to pass this up.

Another perennial from Primex. I didn't bring the name tag inside. Not a veronica but the flower spike reminds me of them although I don't think the blooms get this long on Veronica's.
Romaine Lettuce
I'd bet a raccoon. I heard something 2 nights ago. When I went outside the planter with my rosemary and strawberries was over turned to the ground. Didn't know raccoons eat strawberries but the plants have been loaded with berries and when I go out to get them they're gone. This planter was too heavy with soil for a squirrel to tip over.
Mum, I love the color.

Sedum is pretty this year.
Caryopteris or it's common name, Bluebeard.
Can't cut off that beautiful bloom on the coleus. It doesn't matter as the cold will soon get it. The seeds will scatter in the yard and maybe next season I'll get at least one that looks like it's mother.

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