Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day

I hope you had a beautiful day on our last major holiday of the summer. Quiet day for me. A little barbecue, a little time looking at the soon to be dormant garden. Summer is coming to an end. Tell the strawberries that. I didn't start broccoli from seed as planned nor buy plants when I saw them at the nursery. All sold out now till spring. I've been sweeping leaves every day already. Started in August. Resisting the urge to buy pansies asters and mums hasn't been easy but the heat wave deterred my glee. Can you imagine pansies in 95 degree weather. I'll wait for the pumpkins.

They must be ever bearing.

Cabbage seedlings. Some will be sacrificed for only about 2-4. They have a long way to go before frost. Maybe they're won't be any cabbage heads.
No tomatoes since the plant grew back after cutting it to soil level.
Okay they got a little burnt.
Turkey burgers and hot dogs.
I had to peel more for deviled eggs.
Chicken breast.
The corn was beautiful and sweet.
Delicious sauce!

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