Sunday, October 18, 2015

A beautiful Day For The Orchards

Over my neighbor's house. The only tree I've seen actually taking on some fall color.

I got up early for my small stack of wood to be delivered. It'll be welcome for a fire now that the nights have turned cool.

Replaced the asters which had finished most of their bloom time and they'll wait patiently in the yard to be planted in the ground.

It's a beautiful day for the orchards.

Linvilla Orchards

I avoided the plant nursery.

Future Christmas trees and a field of corn.
The sky looked threatening but it didn't rain.
Our hay ride. I had no idea we would actually sit in hay. It was wonderful and the best part of my day.
So beautiful riding and lifting my face to the canopy of trees and a beautiful blue sky.

Those are large bales of hay.
Okay we have to find our way out of the corn maze. They give you a pole with a flag attached to wave for help if you can't find your way out.
My daughter making her way ahead of me through the corn maze.
My 2 favorites, Jonathan and winesap apples. That's my candy apple also.
Something different for my salad.
The star of the orchid. Apple cider donuts. Freshly baked, hot, and smelled up the whole are with it's wonderful scent.
My daughter loves apple cider, I don't. It reminds me of spoiled apples.They also had freshly prepared cider unpasteurized.
What's a visit to the orchid without apple pie.

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