Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preparing for Seedlings & The Yard

Every year I tell myself that my seed starting containers will be clean and ready but this year once again I find myself in the same situation. It's a shame and it'll be time consuming to go back and wash last years seed starting pots and containers. The rain from our Nor'easter has finally stopped. Clouds finally gave way to a blue sky but I could only look from my window at the yard and see things waiting to be done there because the task of the seed starting shelf is today's project.

Most things are still green in the yard but some are going dormant.

My blocks I bought on Saturday for an additional shelf for my vegetables. I had help and loved not having to lift anything at the store or bringing it into the yard.
The romaine lettuce has grown since I bought it. I have to make time this week to get the lettuce and broccoli planted.
 You see the roots on the ground from the trees. This is why I can't fully plant my flower bed. They're getting worse. I'm going to attempt to cut them in the spring. If it kills the trees oh well. They're not my trees but the roots are in my yard.
Our Nor'easter knocked a lot of things around in the yard. The wind was strong.

I call this my tool kit and try to buy extras during the summer of things that go off the shelf  until February. If you want to start seeds before Christmas it's hard to find things unless you have a nursery near your home which may not be the cheapest choice.

I may add this to the soil mix I make.
Good to have if you force bulbs during the winter in water not soil. You can get some at the dollar store for only one dollar.
I used this indoors once. Won't do it again. Yes it does smell like fish.
I regret not washing these last season.
Baked sterilized soil from last season. I won't be using this.
The begonia came to my house lovely with beautiful red blooms. What do you want me to say? I was going to trash it but I cut off all the dead part and it didn't look too bad. Let's see if it survives winter and makes it to spring to begin again with new growth.
Never know when a fungus gnat will show up.
These are for my other projects. Resealing the calking around the tub although this is the wrong type. Liquid nails to reinforce a towel rack, and spray insulation. Missing but with this kit also are paint brushes, spackling, and ready cement. A woman go't to do what a woman......
A little better. I have to turn on the heat mat so I can give it a good cleaning. It's not advisable to unroll it cold because it may damge the coils inside. I clean the rack with soapy water and bleach. I'm out of bleach so I just wiped it down today and I'll come back on another day and wipe it again with a bleach solution.
I put all the containers that need to be cleaned in here. That's a lot of washing.

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