Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkins and Treats

Candy day has arrived. A day for treats. I don't participate in the other side of the day but enjoy the children arriving for treats. Maybe one of few days that many are allowed a sweet treat. Today was my first time attempting to carve a pumpkin. Didn't come out perfect but it surprised me that I could do it and it certainly peaked the curiosity of children arriving at my door step. On Friday I watched as our secretary effortlessly carved a pumpkin for one classroom. I thought to myself, I think I can do that.
Lets get started.
Those tools actually do work although it was easier to use the pointed tip of my pair of scissors and a knife to cut the pumpkin.
Beginners designs were my choice since this is the first time. My book came with templates but there are thousands on the internet to download.
From my steps out front warts and all and scratches where squirrels attempted to have a meal.
Cutting the top was easier than I thought.
Pumpkin plants.
Many seeds had germinated inside the pumpkin.

Lot of seeds.
Instructions say to wet the template lay it on and dry to get out all wrinkles, impossible. Then lay plastic wrap on top and start cutting. The plastic help because the wet template tears easily. 
My carvings aren't perfect but it was fun and I'll learn each time I do another one.
One pumpkin had a lot of seeds, nice and full. Plenty for roasting.
And now for some treats. My daughter gave out candy dressed as Foxy Brown. Do you know who that it?

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