Friday, October 9, 2015

Work Never Ends In The Garden

Weeds be gone. Time to get in some planting, pulling, and weeding done. It's going to rain tomorrow and I won't have a chance to come back out till Saturday. The plants will love the rain. Pansies have been sitting on my porch and they don't look happy. I didn't get to them today but  the rain should perk them up before planting. I only bought a few. Since the days are shorter there's only have a few hours before dusk. Finally cleaning up the planter I assume raccoons knocked over while eating strawberries.

Although a lot of things are still green, I'm ready to rest and for it to be done for the season. I'm going to pull the impatiens, coleus, and begonias in stead of having a mess to clean up when frost kills it. Maybe I can plant my bulbs earlier this year.
Parsley likes the cooler days and nights.
I guess I should cut and dry the thyme.
The tomatoes were actually healthy the second time around just getting a little yellow on the lower leaves I believe because of cold nights. They came out today. I've never had a hard time getting them to make until this year. Maybe it's the varieties I bought or not fertilizing them.
My cabbage seedlings not separated yet and being eaten. I think I know by what but not a cabbage worm as I saw none on the seedlings.
My yard is full of weeds. Moss is usually in the majority but for some reason a variety of weeds are trying to take over.

Can't wait to snatch out the eaten sweet potato vine, vinca, and coleus. Flea beetles and another insect didn't touch the vinca though.
The sweet potato vine lived up to it's name and look. It'll live for another year if it makes it out the basement in the spring.

I thought insects would do less damage with nights in the 50's but something has eaten up my rose bush also. Can you imagine insects doing this? They serious destroyed the rose bush and sweet potato vine. They have to eat to but who buys plants for them to have a meal. Look what I saw today. You know I hate most insects. I was fascinated with him.
And to think I thought slugs were doing all the eating but snails. I even bought something to get rid of them and only used it once or twice this summer. Next spring I'll take care of them. They're my new favorite next to bees and ladybugs but they have to go.  Lets take a closer look at him.
Look at the trail of slime.
They are everbearing strawberries.
Cabbage seedlings. It should only be two, 1 for each foot but they may not do anything because I started them late and it may not matter. I'll put the frost cover on when I get everything planted to keep out whatever is eating them. I didn't find anything on them.
The lettuce wasn't supposed to go in here but I had to get some planted before it gets real cold. I have 3 more containers to plant with the broccoli, lettuce, and maybe one or two more cabbage seedlings. 
It's time the impatiens to go also. They put on a beautiful show this season.
Okay the mosquitoes were vicious and it was almost dusk so I couldn't take time to dig the hole deep enough. I'll make it look better on Saturday when I have time.
Deadly smell. I thought I was boiling crabs. Used some in my water for the vegetables.

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